Introducing support for mobile devices

Posted by Oleksandr on June 26, 2019

June 2019 development update (v6) brings support for mobile devices, engine and infrastructure improvements for the game and the website, and plenty of bugfixes.

Running on mobile devices

Most of the work this development cycle was spent implementing all the required changes for the game to be able to run smoothly on (relatively) underpowered phone hardware, supporting small screen sizes in the UI, and making it installable as an app.

Currently, you would need Chrome or Firefox on Android. iOS support will come when Apple implements missing features in their browser engine. Also right now you would need to enable experimental WebAssembly threads support in your browser of choice. In Chrome, open chrome://flags and set WebAssembly threads support to "Enabled". In Firefox, open about:config and set javascript.options.shared_memory to "true".

Installable app

You can now install the game as a Progressive Web App. This works both on desktop and mobile. When in game, open the main menu and press "Install App...". You will get the launcher icon on your desktop / app drawer, and the game will now run in its own window / fullscreen activity, separate from the browser.

All important changes since v5 release (March 2019)

The game works directly in the browser!
You can try it right now.

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