Mission Statement

These are development goals and the overall vision for the Statebuilder project.

4X strategy

Statebuilder is a turn-based strategy game in 4X genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate), inspired by the Civilization series.

Based on reality

All elements of the game are connected to the real world, real technology, real history, and real political processes.

Not only this makes gameplay easier to relate to, but can also encourage players to learn more about the world we live in.

Advanced game mechanics

The ambition here is to explore some of the more advanced mechanics, for example:

  • Supply chain logistics
  • City siege setup
  • Effects of ethnicity, religion, and ideology
  • Propaganda
  • Hybrid warfare

Same rules for the AI and the Human Player

The AI plays by the exact same rules as the human player. The goal is to make it competitive without any special treatment.

On the other hand, human player will not be able to revert to a previously saved checkpoint, to make it fair to the AI which can't peek into the future.

Readable visual design

The graphics shall be pretty, but it must not become cluttered. High contrast, easy on eyes, minimal visual noise.


The game will never waste your time on waiting. Minimal loading times, fast turn processing, swift animations.

Runs in a web browser

This makes the process of delivering the game to the end user as easy as possible. The game is lightweight enough to make it viable.

Proper multi-player support

Single-player mode has been developed from the start as a special case of multi-player mode, so the networking code is very reliable.

Sustainable business model

The scope of the project is enormous, and there will always be things to develop and improve. To keep the lights on, Statebuilder will offer:

  • Free limited access – all gameplay features, but only one available world configuration.
  • Premium access – unlocks configurable randomized worlds (infinite replayability), at $5 per 3 months.